The VaryVary team has been very busy at SPLC, the major venue on software product lines and variability, with:

  • a tutorial about “Machine learning and configurable systems: A gentle introduction” material is available online with slides, data, exercices. The tutorial was well attended (around 20 people) and there were interesting interactions.
  • 3 workshops: SPLTea, REVE, and MODEVAR on different topics (teaching, reverse engineering, and modeling) and again a good audience for both
  • a paper “Towards quality assurance of software product lines with adversarial configurations” in the main research track preprint
  • Juliana was chair of the student volunteers and Hugo was also student volunteer
  • duties with SPLC steering committee

SPLC was a success with a very nice organisation, a great program mixing industry, journal first articles, and regular papers, without mentionning the co-location with ECSA.